domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009

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Wearable Art Blog
February 08, 2009
Felted Works by Peruvian Designer Vacide Erda

Peruvian designer Vacide Erda makes very creative, colorful jewelry and bags by hand from the felt used to make traditional Andean women's hats. Erda gets the felt hats before they are glued, cuts them by hand, and creates the triangles you see on this bag (left), one by one, before attaching them to the bag. She makes all kinds of lovely small felt bags and clutches, too, which you can see on her blog, Artificio. Erda makes a variety of very feminine felt collars and necklaces, too, like the red collar below. Some of Erda's jewelry is made from the felt hat scraps - which she will cusomize by color. I love that Erda has creations that can work for most any occasion or mood. Would you wear these items? If you see something you like, you can order it by email on Artificio.

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