lunes, 10 de agosto de 2009


Vacide Erda Zimic
Of Turkish and Croatian origin, Vacide was born in Lima, Peru in 1974, and studied arts at the Universidad Católica in Lima.
She started her workshop in 2001, experimenting in different fields, such as cabinet design, photography and illustration workshops. She now focuses mainly in designing accessories with recycled materials.
Her work is a combination of different types of textiles, which she recycles from excess fabric waste. She transforms them into fashionable accessories, using different techniques, like knit, tie, paste, roll, etc.
She works with different materials such as carpet, felt, recycled rubber, cardboard covered with cloth, among others.
Her main inspiration is to see how something that is considered to be waste can be recycled to bring the best out of it and converted into an accessory or a piece that can be worn.
Vacide’s pieces have been exported to the United States (Garnethill, Ebelladesign, The Phillips Collection, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum), Canada, London, Bolivia, Paraguay, Mexico and Spain
(2008 Iberoamerican Design Biennial).

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